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What is Detergents Free Cleaning?

Detergent Free Cleaning is a new category of specialty cleaners that simply change the rules in not only manufacturing but also using cleaning products.

Example content image Most cleaning products, including environmentally
preferable cleaning products, contain ingredients that are not natural to our environment that have known and suspected harmful effects.

Environmentally preferable products try to either
reduce or eliminate the most toxic of ingredients, but leave us and our environment still being exposed to chemicals not naturally found in our bodies or natural environment.

There are reports almost daily on the amount of man made chemicals not found naturally in our environment that we are continually exposed to. The new reality
about chemicals you are exposed to including chemicals in cleaning products is that a portion of these chemicals will become a part of our Body Burden and the burden we place on our natural environment.

Detergent Free Cleaners contain only chemicals that are listed as generally considered safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration.

Example content imageDetergent Free Cleaners have the following attributes:

1. They only contain ingredients that we consume every day as part of our diet.
2. They have 0% VOC content.
3. DFC cleaners contain only ingredients considered "practically non toxic" to aqautic life and therefore are not dependent on biodegration to reduce aqautic toxicity.
4. In addition DFC products do not contain corrosive ingredients.

Detergent Free Cleaners are very natural solutions that expose us and our environment to naturally occurring food approved ingredients only. Finally a
truly safe sustainable group of cleaning products.

PROCARPETSERVICE uses only environmentally friendly 100 % biodegradable professional carpet cleaning products which are absolutely safe to be used in
any home. Our carpet machines are so powerful that your carpets will be dry, clean and fresh within a couple of hours from completion of the carpet
cleaning process. If required we can even leave your carpets dry faster.

Example content imageDFC Products

DFC 210 Powdered Pre-spray
All natural prespray for use in hot or warm water.
Simply mix 1 ounce to 1 gallon water.
Apply using Best Practices.
Can be used in pump-up, electric or high pressure injection sprayers.

DFC 105 Carpet Cleaner
For use as a prespray at 6 ounces to 1 gallon hot or warm water.
As a extraction / rinse aid at 1 ounce to 1 gallon water.
Excellent for use in Low Moisture Cleaning Processes at 2 ounces to 1 gallon water. For use in TruckMounts, portable, & self contained extractors. Bonnet, bonnet brush, oscillating pad, counter rotating brush - pad units

Home of Carpet Cleaning

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